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A Canadian photographer born in Kitimat, British Columbia. At the age of three he relocated to Toronto with his family. He took an interest in the world of technology at a time when it was still in its early stages. This led to a very successful 30-year career. His curiosity and interest in the digital world fostered the creativity for his long-time passion of digital photography.


Domenic Piluso



    Over the years, Domenic has not shied away from trying new techniques and thinking outside the box, ensuring that the right amount of artistic editing is implemented in his photography. He also strongly believes in applying certain amounts of technological knowledge to meet his own artistic opinion and taste. A partnership with an established Canadian artist enabled him to work on a collaboration of 11 photographed canvas prints where digital photographer meets artist. A technique where a monochromatic photograph on canvas is manipulated with colourful oil paint. 


   Several of Domenic’s pieces have been donated to various institutions to help generate funds for their charity campaigns. Domenic has also volunteered his time to C.A.R.E. An organization based in New York who help the victims of Hurricane Sandy with the restoration of damaged family photographs.


     Digital photography started out as a simple hobby for Domenic and then turned into a new career. He has now been in the digital photography industry since 2001. 

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